Book Club Discussion Questions

1. Emma and Lily both experience trauma in the beginning of The Almond in the Apricot. How does trauma change the way they both function and the way people function in real life?

2. Are Emma and Lily truly connected? And if so, how? How does this story toy with the ideas of reality and connection?

3. Spencer played a critical role in the success of Emma and Peter’s relationship. How did his absence affect them?

4. Emma’s and Lily’s worlds are described in very different ways—one sparks the senses and the other feels mired. Why do you think this is and what was the writer trying to achieve by doing this?

5. In Touran, trauma and the ordinary exist alongside one another. Despite bombs that continually interrupt Lily’s life, she still pines after a pair of trendy jeans and has a birthday party? Why do you think the writer chose to show this?

6. Emma starts to explore the idea of traveling to a different space time. Why does she want to believe that possibility and why does she go to such extreme lengths in order to do so? And what do you believe was really happening to her?

7. Emma manages to come to terms with her dilemma by the end of the book? Do you believe she found a way to understand and overcome her trauma or did she sink more deeply into it?

8. What do you think happened to Nima at the end? And why is that important to the culmination of the story?